The Choreography of Growth: June Bunch Paints the Symphony of Nature

Local Artist

By Brett Maternowski, Co-Founder of the Artistic Incubator

In the vibrant tapestry of Tampa’s art scene, there blooms a unique artist, June Bunch, known on social media as @onefruitforward. Through the lens of her botanical artistry, June weaves the elegance of ballet with the resilience of nature, crafting a narrative that is as bold as it is nurturing. “My visual art is rooted in botany and ballet,” June explains, “focusing on the interplay of mother nature and womanhood in a bold, empowering way.”

The local art community’s heartbeat resonates with June’s growth as an artist. “The local art scene has been vibrant and encouraging!” she recalls. “When I began publishing my botanical work, the affirmative feedback gave me the confidence to broaden my vision of what our art is capable of doing. This is important work!”

From the canvas of her childhood, where her father’s encouragement to “create something you wish you could see in the world” served as the first brushstroke, June’s artistic path was a journey of constant creation. “Creating these botanical ladies gave me a sense of feminine grace and empowerment,” June shares, “to grow into my own skin.”

In her studio, you’ll find June’s fingers dancing across pages and screens, with sketching as her chosen medium. “It’s instant gratification,” she confesses. The digital stage of Procreate allows her the liberty to adjust her color palette mid-performance, reflecting her dynamic artistic spirit.

Dedication to celebrating natural states is a powerful theme that runs through June’s work. “The theme of my work showcases our choreography of growth and empowerment within movement,” she articulates. June’s wish for her audience? “Grow the best way that you know how. Your natural rate and shape of achieving in the world is your perfect choreography.”

June’s story is a mosaic of influences, with each family member contributing a piece. “Dad drew me to sketchbooks. Mom drew me to songwriting. Grandpa drew me to plants,” she recounts. Her work in a food forest further honed her understanding of plants’ silent language, inspiring her to capture their stories in vibrant hues.

June draws inspiration from the lush locales of Tampa, from Lida’s Jungle’s verdant sprawl to Gulfport’s kaleidoscopic homes. “Take me to a Banyan tree,” she muses, “and I’m drawing each plant I learned the entire next week.”

Her artistic journey, however, is not without its thorns. June candidly shares a past struggle with marketing her art, learning the hard lesson of aligning her offerings with the audience’s desires. “Now, with this new botanical lady series, I have been open to reception,” she reflects, marking her growth as both an artist and a listener.

For June, success isn’t a one-size-fits-all but a community’s resonance with her art. “Success is seeing people connect when they see my work,” she beams.

Yet, the artistic mindset poses its own set of challenges, especially when it collides with the rigid structure of tasks like accounting. Still, it’s this very mindset that June believes can catalyze personal growth within her community.

The melting pot of Tampa’s history, culture, and beauty feeds June’s creativity, contributing to her artistic identity. “It’s a beautiful place, full of color, full of music, and full of 813 spice,” she enthuses.

As for the future, June envisions an art community in Tampa that continues to expand its creative expression. With the Artistic Incubator, she sees a chance to grow as an art entrepreneur, exploring workshops and collaborations.

Looking ahead, June aspires to scale her work to life-size paintings and dreams of becoming a mural artist, leaving her mark on the city’s walls. Her advice to budding artists is to cultivate their curiosity and let it flourish within a supportive community.

So, to the dreamers, the creators, the future June Bunches of the world, she says, “Always engage and cultivate your curiosity further! You’ll grow more than you can imagine if you just let yourself have a community around your passion.”

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