Summer Hoop: The Pulse of Tampa’s Alternative Beat

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From the sun-kissed avenues of Tampa to the vibrant energy of Nashville and back, Summer Hoop’s artistic journey has been a ride of passion, persistence, and pure rock spirit. In the landscape of Tampa’s music scene, she stands out—a testament to the city’s rich alternative roots and its evolving artistry.

As a child, Summer Hoop found her rhythm in the echoes of alternative rock and metal music, thanks to her father’s impeccable taste. It was in these early days that the seeds of a dream were sown—a dream where music wasn’t just a part of life but its very essence. With the conviction of a rockstar, at just 11, she declared her lifelong dedication to the craft, forming a band that channeled the raw energy of Paramore and Guns N’ Roses.

Her music—edgy, honest, and unabashedly real—draws from the experiences of her Floridian life, from the mundane to the extraordinary. Every lyric is a brushstroke of her journey, painting a picture of a young artist navigating the complexities of self-expression and identity. Her dad’s rock anthems have left a lasting imprint on her sound, giving her music a certain grit that resonates with the authenticity of her roots.

Summer Hoop’s musical heroes are the icons of transformation—bands like Paramore and My Chemical Romance, who never allowed one sound to define them. In their footsteps, she walks the path of evolution, ensuring that her music, like her inspirations, remains fluid and unboxed.

Her creative process is a dance between spontaneity and refinement. A song may begin with a fleeting idea or a few sentences that catch her soul. From there, it’s a collaboration with her trusted studio companion, Will Carlson, as they sculpt these initial sparks into full-blown anthems.

Growth has been a constant companion on Summer Hoop’s artistic journey. Once a solitary songwriter, she has opened her process to include a symphony of new sounds and perspectives. This evolution is a testament to her openness to change and to the vibrant community of musicians she’s embraced.

When inspiration seems distant, Summer Hoop’s approach is as unconventional as her music—she shakes up her life, fueling her creativity with the flames of change and the excitement of the new.

Collaborations have marked milestones in her career, notably her work with Bilmuri, which broadened her audience and remains one of her favorite musical ventures. Dreaming big, she aspires to collaborate with the likes of Rivers Cuomo and Fall Out Boy—artists who mirror her ingenuity and flair.

In the recording studio, simplicity reigns supreme for Summer Hoop. A guitar and the freedom to express without pressure are her main tools. It’s this relaxed approach that allows her music to flow freely, unburdened by the weight of expectation.

Live performances are where Summer Hoop truly shines, whether opening for Pierce The Veil at The Floridian or captivating crowds at the MidFlorida Amphitheater. Her preparation is a mix of physical readiness and mental assurance, coupled with a personal touch—tea, a confidence-boosting outfit, and a pre-show photo with her band.

Navigating the music industry’s ever-changing tides, Summer Hoop focuses on the present, taking each day and each challenge as they come. Her advice to aspiring artists is to be relentless—try everything, post with abandon, and remain kind and open to learning.

As for her legacy, Summer Hoop wants her music to be remembered as genuine, legendary, and timeless—a soundtrack to life’s ebb and flow that resonates with truth and vitality. She leverages her platform to shed light on issues close to her heart, using her voice not just to entertain but to enlighten and unite.

Looking ahead, Summer Hoop’s goals are clear: to dominate Tampa’s music scene with songs she loves and, eventually, to share her sound with the world on a grand tour. With the Artistic Incubator’s support, she’s poised to learn, grow, and connect, taking her “silly little music” to new heights, where it will undoubtedly be a force of genuine artistry.

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