Dylan Perry: A Journey Through Vibrant Visions and Endless Exploration

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In the heart of Tampa, an artist splashes vibrant stories on canvases, turning the mundane into a riot of colors and narratives. Dylan Perry, a name now synonymous with vibrant tales of joy, growth, and relentless exploration, navigates the ever-evolving world of art with an undying passion.

From his early initiation in 2009, Perry’s journey has mirrored the colorful mosaics of his creations, each a testament to his ceaseless spirit of discovery. His love affair with art took a profound turn during the unprecedented stillness of 2020. As the world grappled with confinement, Perry’s energies found a dedicated canvas, transforming his casual exploration into a passionate, full-time commitment.

At the core of Perry’s art lies the versatile medium of spray paint. This choice isn’t just about the vibrant hues it offers but resonates with his philosophy of breathing new life into nearly-expired cans. “It’s been what I’ve used since day one,” Perry reflects, underscoring his commitment to giving these cans a “second life.”

Drawing inspiration from the vivid atmosphere of Florida, Perry’s artworks often echo the tropical charm the state is renowned for. Florals, brunch settings, a recurring display of flamingos, and champagne bottles are more than mere patterns. They’re Perry’s narratives of growth, vibrancy, and celebration. As he aptly quips, “A lot of brunch, brunch, brunch.”

However, an artist’s path isn’t without thorns. Perry recalls the bitter-sweet memories of a mural painted over due to regulatory constraints. Yet, the incident didn’t douse his spirit. Instead, it rekindled his philosophy: the freedom to start anew. “What I learned is that you can always paint over something,” he muses, a testament to his unwavering passion.

Perry’s influences aren’t confined to the streets of Tampa. Extensive travels across continents, filled with an array of cultures and experiences, have enriched his perspective. “A lot of travel has been involved, a lot of culture and eye-opening experiences constantly just being in my face,” he reminisces.

As Perry etches his stories on Tampa’s artistic canvas, he dreams of turning the city into a radiant hub akin to its neighboring St. Pete. The camaraderie of Tampa’s community and fellow artists like Gregory Siff and Chris Deacon enriches his journey, offering both support and inspiration.

Looking ahead, Perry’s vibrant trajectory promises even more splendor. With gallery collaborations and mural opportunities on the horizon, Perry anticipates an exciting path unfolding with the support of the Artistic Incubator. The coming holiday season also hints at exhilarating showcases, pop-up art in local restaurants, and fresh collections for art enthusiasts to relish.

Perry’s world is one of unyielding passion, a place where every mistake is a lesson, every canvas a testament, and every spray of paint an ode to joy. His words for budding artists mirror his journey: “Never stop creating and don’t let them ever tell you no.” As we immerse ourselves in Perry’s radiant world, one thing is clear: his journey is a beacon, urging us all to embrace life’s vibrant hues with open arms.

Follow Dylan Perry’s Journey on IG: https://www.instagram.com/DylanPerry_Art
Check out his artwork at: https://justdylanperry.com/

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