Damien Stuck: A Portrait of Resilience and Vision in Tampa’s Artistic Ecosystem

Local Artist

Meet Damien Stuck, known in the art world as Kid Faust, a maestro of the abstract and surreal who dares to explore the darker recesses of art and the human experience. His journey is one of adversity and triumph, from drawing inspirations from beloved comic characters in a challenging childhood to reaching the heights of recognition with icons like Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson marveling at his creations.

Kid Faust’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and the boundless reach of art. Homeless and emerging from a broken home, he transformed his life through sheer will and talent, now boasting one of the largest studios in North Tampa. His mediums are as varied as his experiences, ranging from oils to charcoal and acrylics, a testament to his versatility and determination to join the ranks of the “GREATS.”

The Tampa Bay art scene, a diverse and dynamic community, served as the launchpad for Kid Faust’s rising star. With social media as his gallery, he captured the attention of art promoters and quickly became a sought-after name, his works resonating with an audience that appreciates the profound and the profound.

Stuck’s artistry is deeply personal, channeling his love for the gothic allure of Batman and Spawn into creations that are both nostalgic and transformative. His work with oils is a deliberate choice, an homage to the masters he aspires to emulate, and a commitment to excellence.

His themes are a dive into the abyss of horror and abstract expression, with a clear message for his audience: to pause, to silence the clamor of the world, and to be wholly present with his art. This ability to create a temporal suspension is his gift to those who encounter his work.

Drawing from a well of personal struggle, including a nomadic upbringing and familial challenges, Kid Faust’s art is a visual chronicle of survival, a narrative etched in endurance and the pursuit of greatness.

Inspiration for Stuck comes from the pulse of life itself, whether it’s the storied streets of Ybor City or the cinematic escape of a film. His creative flame is kindled by the rich tapestry of Tampa’s history and culture, a fusion that recently inspired his “Mr. YBOR City” piece.

Kid Faust’s impact on Tampa’s art scene is indelible, hoping to amplify its presence on the global stage through his contributions. He acknowledges the influence of local talents like Jason Skeldon and Micheal Vahl, artists who are part of the city’s vibrant creative mosaic.

Yet, the question he yearns for people to ask is about his drive—the unseen engine that propels him to keep painting with the ambition to change the world through his art.

The Artistic Incubator is poised to amplify Kid Faust’s reach, providing avenues for more shows and events to showcase his work. Looking ahead, Stuck envisions establishing an art studio in Ybor City, a beacon for his creative endeavors.

His advice to the burgeoning artists of Tampa is a clarion call to authenticity: “Stay original, get your hands dirty. Stop copying, start creating!” This is the creed of Kid Faust, a creator who not only paints on canvases but also on the broader canvas of life, etching a legacy of change, one stroke at a time.

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