Chase Parker: Crafting Illusions and Emotions in Tampa’s Art Scene

Chase Parker, a Tampa-based visual artist, has rapidly become one of the shining stars in the local art scene. Known for his intricate mixed-media artworks that merge traditional art forms with unconventional materials, Parker’s creations offer a captivating visual and emotional experience. His participation in prestigious exhibitions and competitions underscores his growing influence in the […]

Yvgheniya Rudaya: A Portrait of Resilience and Artistic Flourish

Yvgheniya Rudaya’s artistic narrative is not just a journey across geographies but a profound exploration of the resilience and transformative power of art, from the war-torn landscapes of Ukraine to the sun-drenched vistas of a new beginning. Yvgheniya’s story weaves through the challenges of upheaval, finding solace and capturing it all through photography and painting.  A Lifelong […]

Christopher St. John-Romero: Shaping Art with Resilience and Tampa’s Vibrant Tapestry

Christopher St. John-Romero Self Portrait

Christopher St. John-Romero, a visionary artist deeply influenced by the old masters, weaves a tapestry of historical resonance with contemporary themes through his work. His artistic journey, which began with a pencil in hand at the age of three, has flourished into a full-time pursuit of muralism and painting since his move to Tampa two […]

Tony Adams: Igniting Tampa with Energetic Art and Authentic Vibrance

Tony Adams emerges as a dynamic force in the Tampa art scene, embodying an electrifying blend of authenticity, energy, and sheer magnitude in his artwork. His journey from curiosity to becoming a prominent figure in local art is marked by an organic evolution fueled by a philosophy of saying “yes” to opportunities and embracing the […]

Canvas of Icons: Alex Logvinov’s Pop Art Pulse in Tampa

Alex Logvinov

By Brett Maternowski, Co-Founder of the Artistic Incubator Alex Logvinov’s artistry is a vibrant echo of Tampa’s dynamic cultural beat. An extroverted spirit with a penchant for pop and contemporary art, Logvinov transforms everyday experiences into striking portraiture of iconic figures. “I strive to offer a unique representation of famous and idol-like figures that have […]

In the Embrace of Darkness: Cristina Cernicenco’s Luminous Journey

Cristina Cernicenco

By Brett Maternowski, Co-Founder of the Artistic Incubator Cristina Cernicenco, a name now synonymous with the visceral exploration of femininity and sensuality through photography, invites viewers into a world where every portrait is a story waiting to be unraveled. With over two decades under her belt, she is not just a photographer; she is an […]

Elizabeth Barenis: A Portrait of Serenity and Awe in Tampa’s Art Tapestry

Elizabeth Barenis

By Brett Maternowski, Co-Founder of the Artistic Incubator Elizabeth Barenis, an artist who embodies the tranquil essence of Tampa’s landscapes and the abstract language of beauty, has spent nearly two decades honing a style that invites onlookers into a realm of peacefulness. “I’m a painter who translates the beauty around us onto the canvas,” Barenis […]

Unearthing the Past, Molding the Future: A Conversation with Xan Peters

Xan Peters

By Brett Maternowski, Co-Founder of the Artistic Incubator In the lush, creative ecosystem of Tampa, there’s a paleontologist-turned-artist whose work is as layered as the sedimentary strata that once cradled ancient bones. Xan Peters, known among the digital flora and fauna as @xanosaurus, is a representational artist who digs deep into the bedrock of Natural […]

The Choreography of Growth: June Bunch Paints the Symphony of Nature

June Bunch

By Brett Maternowski, Co-Founder of the Artistic Incubator In the vibrant tapestry of Tampa’s art scene, there blooms a unique artist, June Bunch, known on social media as @onefruitforward. Through the lens of her botanical artistry, June weaves the elegance of ballet with the resilience of nature, crafting a narrative that is as bold as […]

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